The way to establish the space development research center





To shine people first to shine yourself and become attractive lights. It can be an LED or light bulb, or a reflector or whatever. For example if you have a sun nearby you do not need to light up and if you know where the sun is shining, you just have to stand there. However, even if it stood too much in the sun, throat drifts, it makes me want to drink water, I want a shade. For that, you need to hide in the shade or buy a parasol, or grow trees to make shadows. There is good water and soil at the place to raise trees. For that, there are water rivers and seas, which are necessary. Or is there a system that will automatically draw water? In other words, even if you are in a place where only one person is hit, other necessary things will certainly come out, just do not just stay in the place where the fire is out. A person can not live alone. You need water to live. Drink water. Good water. To make it a good water you must think about the natural things that create water. You can not live without losing your rubbish as you like. Those who are not thinking about nature at all, do nothing more than everything and throw them away. A man who knows that everything returns to himself will not do such a thing. I am trying to improve it. I like it. I am thinking about the future. People can not bring property to the other world. The actions and actions that can not be taken but which will do for the world are handed over to those who are left behind. What is it for the world? What is correct? I'd like to ask myself and start by focusing on coming. Who is unable to start saying the right incorrect. As a person who has been saved by living a life with relevance to something that can be done, though the global environmental problems including the war are mountainous, I can do someone to serve the future life seriously I'd be happy if I could make life interesting by associating things with what I can do. For that purpose too, first of all I have to start moving on my own. I am talking about doing it because it seems to be possible with a drum.

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