The way to establish the space development research center


Space Development Research Center Lab.



Q. 何故、宇宙開発研究センターを設立し、ロケットを打ち上げたいのか。
Why do you want to establish a space development research center and launch a rocket?

A. I think that space has technologies that have not yet been discovered on Earth, so space technology research to launch, launch and use rocket technology to solve environmental problems that cannot be solved on Earth. The establishment of a center is essential.



Why are you trying to do it in India?

A. There are smart talented people in India. There is also a vast land. And because Japan and India have a friendly relationship, we are planning in India.



Q. 主に地球上のどのような環境問題を解決したいのか?
What environmental problems do you want to solve mainly on the earth?

A. 放射能汚染地域の一刻も早い除染方法及び、汚染水を除染する技術の発見です。
The discovery of decontamination methods and technologies for decontaminating contaminated water as soon as possible.



Q. 何故、インドでお祭りを主催しているのか?
Why are there festivals in India?

A. まず、インドが好きです。そして、インドは日本の人口の10倍の人口もいます。インド人も音楽が好きです。日本のカッコいいミュージシャンやに日本の音楽をインドの人とお祭りを通して一緒に楽しんでさらに仲良くなりたい。日本のこともよく知ってもらい、そして最終的にはインドと日本が協力して地球を救う技術を開発して地球を救いたいのです。
First, I like India. And India has 10 times the population of Japan. Indians also like music. I would like to become friends with Japanese cool musicians and Indian music through festivals together with Indian people. I want to know about Japan well to them, and eventually India and Japan will cooperate to develop technology that saves the earth and save the earth.



Q. 何故環境問題を解決させたいのか。
Why do you want to solve environmental problems?

A. それは今を生きる私たちの義務です。未来の子供や、未来の世代のためにこの問題から目を背けてはいけません。真剣に取り組まなくてはならない問題だからです。
It is our duty to live now. Do not look away from this problem for future children or future generations. Because it is a problem that must be addressed seriously.

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