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誰かの光に To someone's light



Sometimes you lose it if you live straight. Not only losses. Someone gives me a chance to see. People who have a feeling and a feeling of taking that opportunity, absolutely grabbing, let it run. It may be detouring. But I can communicate feelings. The more serious I am. The wish will come true. People sometimes give incredible power when you like people. Feelings to like someone. Even for men, girls, pets and bands. I think that this is called a kind of love. Also called love. It is love 's love, there may be people who sort of variety but it is good. Someone likes it! I love you! I feel happy when I see the person who conveys feelings straight. Humans are originally animals, no sublime creatures. Now read the complicated situation and air ready! There is a trend like it, but in the first place air is what you make yourself and not what you should read. Join in a place where a pleasant atmosphere exists. I read the air too much and can not do anything I can see the person occasionally, but it is very unworthy. Given a limited time, I do not know how long this health situation will last. At that time live straight in your heart, considering others, if you play a love 's love' s catch - ball, that person will shine. There is no one who lets you shine. I want you to keep shining with confidence. That light illuminates someone. I have been falling in love with drums that I can not give back easily. Until now, as a heavy machine I aimed to overwhelm complex emotions and make it a heart of mind Warrior Nachos longed for light and became a light warrior nachos. No matter who came, I always want to light that person.

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